ITS TEA is originally from Changshu, Jiangsu province, China. In 2016, ITS TEA opened its first store in Changshu city in China. ITS TEA pursues a simple and quality life aesthetic from the material selecting, pre-seasoning, brewing, carefully making each cup of tea to make a high-quality tea. In 2018, ITS TEA has already opened 60 stores in China. In 2020, ITS TEA officially enters Canada and aims to expand its business all over the world.

ITS TEA, is not just a milk tea store, but a trend!

What consumers pursue is what we pursue. ITS TEA adheres to its own professional ingredients, taste first, quality first, and healthy first. ITS TEA drinks also integrate the concept of life and fashion elements. ITS TEA advocates "fresh fashion avant-garde healthy" as a new milk tea culture, in-depth digging era delicious milk tea, brings the excellent milk tea to consumers.

Healthy, Delicious, and Fresh!

ITS TEA only chooses healthy raw materials, uses fresh dairy cream and mellow cheese, then blended with special ITS TEA teabags, giving the milk and tea a separate but blended space, making the milk taste mellow and light, so the tea taste rich and fragrant with no astringency.